2020 Prescription Drug Plan

SAWS provides prescription coverage for both the PPO Economy Plan and the EPO Plus plan. The prescription drug plan is administered through Express Scripts, Inc. There are no changes in prescription copays in 2020.

Prescription Drug Formulary Change — There are occasional updates to the formulary for the prescription drug plan. So, while the plan benefits are not changing and there are no changes to the copays, you could see changes to your medication costs.

2020 Prescription Drug Plan
Pharmacy Benefit Retail
Home Delivery/
Diabetic Medication** $0 $0
Other Generic $10 $25
Preferred Brand 30%, $25 Min / $50 Max $62.50
Non-preferred Brand 45%, $40 Min / $75 Max $100
Specialty (Generic & Brand) $80 $150

Prescription Plan Resources

Express Scripts, the company that manages our prescription benefit, has a user-friendly website: express-scripts.com/saws. Through the website you can learn about the plans available to you, what you'll pay for prescriptions, which pharmacies are in your network, and how to save money. Find helpful resources at express-scripts.com, including the ability to order refills and renewals; check order status; compare medication costs to find potential lower-cost options under your plan; receive timely medication-related safety alerts; check claims, balances and make payments; obtain forms, and much more.

Rx Mail Order or Home Delivery

Receive up to a 90-day supply of long-term medication delivered directly to you for one home delivery copayment. A long-term medication is one that is taken to treat an ongoing condition such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes. To enroll in the Home Delivery Program, visit express-scripts.com, sign in and choose which of your current maintenance medications you'd like to receive through home delivery. Or you can call Express Scripts at the toll-free number on your ID card or 844-553-9111.

Smart90 Walgreens Exclusive

Your prescription program now provides savings through the Smart90 Walgreens Exclusive Program. When you get a 90-day or three-month supply of your long-term medication you will be required to fill this prescription either through mail order or a Walgreens pharmacy. View a list of the medications that qualify for this requirement below.

Call your nearest Walgreens and ask for instructions about how to transfer your prescription from your current pharmacy or how to get a new prescription from your doctor.


SaveonSP helps you save money on certain medications. If you take an eligible prescription that falls under the specialty drug category, you will receive a letter to enroll and reduce your copay amount to zero for the specialty drug prescription. You are responsible for keeping track of the money you receive and spend, so make sure you take down the manufacturer's phone number if you have questions. Don't miss out on these savings. View a list of the medications that qualify for this benefit below.

InsideRX Pets

InsideRX Pets is a free prescription savings program to provide pet owners discounts on brand and generic human medications prescribed for pets at 40,000 participating retail pharmacies. Prescriptions include those that treat chronic conditions such as diabetes, anxiety, arthritis, or heart disease. For more information and to view a list of medications and participating pharmacies, go to insiderxpets.com.