2019 Dental Plan

SAWS offers a dental plan administered by United Healthcare. Dental coverage and premiums remain unchanged for 2019. Refer to the 2019 UHC Benefits Guide for more details.

For a list of dentists in your area, you can search the provider directory at myuhc.com. Simply click on "Find a Dentist" at the upper right side of the page and select "National Options PPO 30." If you register, it will take you directly to your personal account and to the SAWS provider network.

The 2019 monthly premiums are:

2019 Dental Premiums
Tier Selection SAWS Contribution Employee Contribution
Employee Only $26.62 $5.00
Employee + Spouse $49.46 $12.26
Employee + Child(ren) $58.82 $15.26
Employee + Family $65.84 $17.50