Electrical Specifications for Primary Pumping Stations

San Antonio Water System (SAWS) requires the assistance of consultant electrical engineering companies to provide a complete design of the electrical system in newly constructed primary pumping stations and additions.

It is the responsibility of the consultant to know and understand the theory of pump station operation, preferred equipment and associated applications, and the latest technology of electrical equipment. The consultant shall be responsible for any electrical applications associated with: incoming 5kV services, 5kV switchgear, 5kV motor controllers, transformers, low voltage panels and wiring, capacitor application, SCADA, cathodic protection, and protective devices. Previous pump station applications should be considered when designing the electrical for a new station.

SAWS has adopted a standard production operating philosophies and the electrical controls of the pumping equipment incorporate these philosophies. SAWS has also developed preferences of equipment supplied, such as the Rosemount pressure switch or the Panametrics Flow Meter. Included in this Design Standard Handbook is the theory of operation, preferred equipment, typical drawings, and overall needs required by SAWS to design a complete primary pumping station.

Electrical Specs Documents

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