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Drought-Tolerant Grass

Drought-tolerant varieties are required for new development

Conservation ordinance requires residential and commercial builders to install turf grass from an approved list of drought-tolerant varieties for newly constructed homes or businesses effective Jan. 1, 2007.

These approved grass varieties were chosen for their ability to survive with very little or no water for extended periods:

Approved Varieties for Use by Residential and Commercial Builders

Bermuda Grass
Varieties Characteristics
  • Celebration
  • Common Bermuda
  • GN1
  • Grimes EXP
  • Tex Turf
  • TifSport
  • Tifway 419
  • Requires full sun
  • Extremely tolerant to traffic
  • Responds quickly to watering after drought
  • Requires frequent mowing to maintain its appearance
  • Frequently goes dormant during the winter
Buffalo Grass
Varieties Characteristics
  • Currently, all varieties are approved
  • Requires full sun
  • Does NOT tolerate traffic well
  • Requires little, if any, water or fertilizer after establishment
  • Must be mowed very high, five inches or more, or not at all
St. Augustine Grass
Varieties Characteristics
  • Floratam
  • Prefers dappled shade
  • Does NOT tolerate traffic well
  • Remains green throughout the winter
  • Susceptible to fungal diseases if excessively watered during the winter
Zoysia Grass
Varieties Characteristics
  • El Toro
  • Empire
  • Jamur
  • Palisades
  • Tolerates both sun and shade
  • Tolerates foot traffic
  • Different cultivars have different drought tolerances
  • Growth is slow as compared to Bermuda and St. Augustine

For more information on the city's conservation ordinance, or details specifically about turf grasses, please call us at 210-704-SAVE.