Product Submittal

San Antonio Water System (SAWS) desires to incorporate high quality, cost-effective materials and products into the water production and distribution system; the wastewater collection and treatment system; and the recycled water supply system at competitive prices. This is done, when possible, through an open bidding process utilizing specifications outlined by SAWS departments and reviewed by the Product Standards Committee (PSC).

Items submitted for consideration must conform to SAWS product specification criteria and to other conformance standards.

NOTE: New submittals for manhole coatings are not being accepted at this time. SAWS has placed a hold on new coatings as we take time to re-evaluate the currently approved coatings and coatings previously approved for testing.

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Complete information requested on application form and email PDF:

Dennis Laskowski, P.E.
Project Engineer

Product Standards Committee Mission Statement

San Antonio Water System's Product Standards Committee (PSC) is a group of diverse cross departmental employees working together to incorporate high quality, cost-effective, safe materials and/or products into the infrastructure for the benefit of our customers. The PSC performs this function though the following objectives:

  • Promotes, establishes, tests, researches, reviews, evaluates and approves quality products prior to the inclusion into SAWS Standard Specifications for Construction, Material Specifications and installation into the system infrastructure.
  • Adheres to SAWS mission, vision, and values
  • Establishes and maintains an up-to-date list of approved products
  • Meets regularly to review and vote on the approval or disapproval of products for testing and evaluation.
  • Discusses issues or products negatively impacting SAWS infrastructure for possible removal from the approved products list.
  • Publishes updates to the SAWS standard material and construction specifications.
  • Adheres to national standards such as AWWA, ANSI, and ASTM.