SAWS Construction Specifications Review

Updated Feb. 1, 2021

For all San Antonio Water System (SAWS) construction contracts, Trilateral Contracts, Counter Permits and General Construction Permits, all projects under design after February 2, 2021 need to conform to the updated specifications (dated “January 2021”).

The standard specifications and drawings (DD) are provided as a technical resource for engineering professionals for use in design and construction of water and wastewater projects managed and contracted by the San Antonio Water System.

At any time, these specifications and drawings may be altered or superseded by the general conditions, special conditions, supplementary conditions, or addenda included within the contract documents issued for each project.

For projects beginning design prior to Feb. 1, 2021, please reference Archived Construction Specifications here.

All projects advertised after Sep. 1, 2022 need to conform to the updated specification 840 Water Tie-ins (July 2022).

Specification 852 Sanitary Sewer Manholes and Specification 855 Reconstruction of Manholes was revised March 2023 to remove Conshield coating as an option and remove the antimicrobial additive requirement for precast manholes. Archived 2021 versions found here.

SAWS is currently performing a thorough evaluation of all approved sewer manhole coatings. No new sewer coating applications will be accepted until this evaluation is complete.

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