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Sealed bids are requested by the San Antonio Water System for the following until the closing date shown. Interested Bidders are responsible for checking SAWS Web site on a regular basis for any addendums or other pertinent information.

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San Antonio Water System is accepting submissions until the closing date:

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Type Bid No. Project Name Due Date Update Details
IFB 19-0395 Annual Contract for Standard Steel Pipe & Fittings 8/22/19 [MORE]
IFB 19-0153A Annual Contract for Adjustable Manhole Ring Risers 8/22/19 [MORE]
IFB 19-0263A Annual Contract for Automotive Shop Equipment Parts and Service 8/26/19 [MORE]
IFB 19-0009 Annual Contract for Plastic Barricades and Traffic Control Devices 8/26/19 [MORE]
IFB 19-4051 Annual Contract for Automatic Transmission Parts and Service 8/27/19 [MORE]
IFB 19-15061A Annual Contract for Pre-Mixed Two Stroke Engine Fuel 8/27/19 [MORE]
IFB 19-17053 Annual Contract for Purchase, Installation and Disposal of Front Entrance and Exiting Gates at the Medio Creek Water Recycling Center 8/27/19 [MORE]
IFB 19-19108 Emergency Replacement Chiller Purchase and Installation for the Port of San Antonio 8/27/19 [MORE]
IFB 19-0399 Annual Contract for Rubber Safety Boots & Rubber Hip Boots 8/28/19 [MORE]
IFB 19-19111 One Time Purchase of Salient Rack Mount Servers 8/29/19 [MORE]
IFB 19-1553 Three (3) Year Lease of a Mail & Postage Meter Machine for SAWS Mailroom 8/30/19 [MORE]
IFB 19-19110 One Time Purchase of Bauer Hoses 9/5/19 [MORE]
IFB 19-19094 Plugging of SAWS Saline Monitor Wells 9/5/19 [MORE]
IFB 19-1453 Three Year Contract for Biosolids Compost and Marketing 9/11/19 [MORE]
RFP 19-5002 Three Year Contract for Food Service Management Provider 9/13/19 [MORE]

Results 1 - 15 of 15