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Sealed bids are requested by the San Antonio Water System for the following until the closing date shown. Interested Bidders are responsible for checking SAWS Web site on a regular basis for any addendums or other pertinent information.

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San Antonio Water System is accepting submissions until the closing date:

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Type Bid No. Project Name Due Date Update Details
IFB 19-19154 Annual Contract for Tuition Reimbursement Software as a Service (SAAS) Solution 11/15/19 [MORE]
BVB 19-8064 Best Value Bid for Three Year Contract for Court Reporting Services for SAWS 11/15/19 [MORE]
IFB 19-0190 Annual Contract for Flex Seal Adjustable Repair Couplings 11/18/19 [MORE]
IFB 19-19125 Annual Contract for Service and Maintenance of Cooling Plants SCADA System 11/18/19 [MORE]
IFB 19-19152 Rental of a Mobile Lime Slurry Chemical Feed Unit and Purchase of Liquid Lime 11/18/19 [MORE]
IFB 19-18123 Annual Contract for On-Line Video Library Access 11/21/19 [MORE]
IFB 19-19151 One-Time Purchase of Rotary Actuator with HDWR 11/25/19 [MORE]
IFB 19-0256 Annual Contract for Pest Control and Extermination Services 11/25/19 [MORE]
IFB 19-19157 One-Time Purchase of PVC SDR-26 Pipe 11/25/19 [MORE]

Results 1 - 9 of 9