Utility Service Regulations

Effective Aug. 9, 2016

SAWS Utility Service Regulations establish the policies governing service extension to customers of SAWS water, sewer and recycled water utilities.

The updated Utility Service Regulations were approved by SAWS Board of Trustees on Feb. 9, 2016. The updated regulations are available for download below:

Section 12.4 of the Utility Service Regulations was updated by SAWS Board of Trustees on June 5, 2018. The section is available for download below:

Proposed Updates to the Utility Service Regulations

The proposed updates to the Utility Service Regulations will be open for public comment until Nov. 14, 2022. Please forward comments to sawsdevelopmentEng@saws.org.

Information Memos
Memo Title Area Focus Date
IM01 Connecting to Exisiting Infastructure Permits Connections 1-6-2017
IM02 Dead End Mains Permits Regulatory 2-9-2017
IM03 USA 6 Month USA Duration 2-9-2017
IM04 USA Section 1.02 USA Legal 3-3-2017
IM05 Sanitary Sewer Capacity Restrictions outside CCN Areas USA Capacity 4-8-2017
IM06 Dead End Mains Monitoring Program Permits Regulatory 5-10-2017
IM07 Update on Manhole Rings and Covers Permits Regulatory 7-14-2017