Contractor/Plumbers List

The contractors/plumbers included in this list, have met the minimum insurance qualifications established by San Antonio Water System and have been authorized to make connections to SAWS' water, reuse, and/or wastewater utilities. It is the responsibility of these contractors/plumbers to keep all insurance current.

SAWS does not endorse any one contractor/plumber, and is not responsible for any damages caused by the contractor/plumber. Contractor/Plumber work is warranted for 1 year following the installation of the water, reuse, and/or wastewater utility. SAWS will take over maintenance of the water, reuse, and/or wastewater utility on the first day following the contractor's/plumber's warranty expiration date.

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Gilbert's Utility and Concrete Work, Inc
1935 Air Lawn
San Antonio, TX 78227
Fax: 210-451-8220
Residential & Commercial
Edward Escamilla
Gonzalez Enterprises,LLC
605 Wisteria Ave.
Mcallen, TX 78504
Fax: 956-765-2600
Nicolas Gonzalez