Solicitation No. CO-00280-FF
Job No. 17-6003
Status: Selection Approved and Awarded
Awarded: 11/18/19
Due Date: 1:00 PM Tuesday, 8/27/19
Estimated Cost: $4,174,140.00

Awarded Firm: Prime Controls LP

Sealed bids are requested by the San Antonio Water System for the construction of the Broadband Access Points and Programmable Logic Controls Replacement Phase 2 Project, SAWS Job No. 17-6003.

To view additional project information, as well as obtain the plans and specifications for this project, visit our website located at and click on the Business Center. Then select Bidder, Consultant, and Vendor Registration, which is located on the left-hand side of the screen. Select the Register Now button and proceed with registration.


Due to the confidentiality of the content, the plans and specifications will be password protected and downloadable at . Vendors may request a password by downloading, completing and submitting the "Disclaimer For Downloading" form located at The form is located in the "Download" area on the bottom of the project web page. Completed forms must be submitted by 2:00 PM (CT) on August 5, 2019 via email to: For difficulties downloading plans and specifications, contact Fred Flores at 210-233-3404.


A non-mandatory pre-bid meeting will be held at 2:00 PM (CT) on August 5, 2019 at the San Antonio Water System’s Customer Service Building, 1st floor, Conference Room CR-C145, 2800 U.S. Hwy 281 North, San Antonio, Texas.



For questions regarding this solicitation, technical questions or additional information, please contact Fred Flores, Contract Administrator, in writing via email to: or by fax to (210) 233-4293 until 4:00 PM (CT) on August 7, 2019 10:00 AM (CT) on August 9, 2019.  Answers to the questions will be posted to the website by 10:00 AM (CT) on August 13, 2019 August 9, 2019 as a separate document or included as part of an addendum. Please be advised that Bidders are prohibited from communicating with any other SAWS staff, the Consultant, the Developer, or City of San Antonio officials regarding this IFB up until the contract is awarded as outlined in the Instructions to Bidders.


Sealed bids will be received by Counter Services in the Customer Service office across from the Guard Station, 2800 U.S. Hwy 281 North, Customer Center Building, San Antonio, Texas 78212, until 1:00 PM (CT), August 27, 2019. Bids will then be publicly opened and read aloud by Contract Administration in CR-C137, Customer Center Building, 2800 U.S. Hwy 281 North, San Antonio, Texas. Each bid must be accompanied by a cashier's check, certified check, or bid bond in an amount not less than five percent of the total bid price.

Pre-Bid Meeting

2:00 PM, Monday Aug. 5, 2019
San Antonio Water System Customer Service Building, 2800 U.S. Hwy 281 N, San Antonio, Texas 78212; Conference Room CR-C145

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