Design-Build Phase III Service Center Project

Solicitation No. PS-00082
Status: Canceled
Due Date: 3:00 PM Monday, 8/26/19
Estimated Cost: $27,500,000.00

The San Antonio Water System (SAWS) is soliciting statements of qualifications (SOQ) from interested Design-Build (DB) firms (Respondents) to design and construct one (1) new service center facility and the associated renovation and demolition of two other existing service center sites (all of these service centers hereafter are referred to as the “Operation Centers”), as part of the Design-Build Phase III Service Center Project (the “Project”). These Operation Centers not only serve as office space for the field operations staff, but also function as dispatch centers for various types of work crews. This request for qualifications (RFQ) invites Respondents to submit a statement of qualifications describing in detail Respondent’s technical and financial qualifications to act as the DB firm for the Project.


SAWS has hired APSI Construction Management to serve as the Program Manager (PM) for this Project. The awarded DB firm will coordinate with SAWS and the PM to deliver the Project. Design and construction of the Project shall be completed using the design-build method of procurement in accordance with Section 2269.301 et seq. of the Texas Government Code. 


These related design and construction services shall require a scope of service to be performed by a single, qualified and independent DB firm. The successful DB firm, which will be determined following subsequent interviews of a maximum of five (5) respondents, will be chosen (“short-listed”) to interview and to submit proposals in response to SAWS’ future issuance of a request for proposals (RFP).  Selection of the successful DB firm will be determined based upon the proposal that SAWS determines to provide the best value to SAWS, according to the evaluation criteria for selection set forth below in Section II. C. of this RFQ.


Respondents shall submit within their SOQs to this RFQ, certification to SAWS that each architect or engineer that is a member of the DB firm/team was selected based on demonstrated competence and qualifications, in the manner provided by Section 2254.004 of the Texas Government Code.  ONLY THOSE DB FIRMS THAT RESPOND IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE REQUIREMENTS OF THIS RFQ AND ARE SHORT-LISTED WILL BE ISSUED A REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP) AND INVITED TO SUBMIT A PROPOSAL TO THE RFP. PURSUANT TO SECTION 2269.307 OF THE TEXAS GOVERNMENT CODE, NO MORE THAN FIVE FIRMS WILL BE SHORT-LISTED AS ELIGIBLE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE RFP STAGE OF THIS PROCUREMENT.


Pre-Submittal Meeting

10:00 AM, Friday Jul. 26, 2019
San Antonio Water System Customer Service Building, 2800 U.S. Hwy 281 N, San Antonio, Texas 78212; Conference Room C-154

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