Solicitation No. F-18-003-FF
Status: Currently Accepting Submissions
Due Date: 2:00 PM Tuesday, 9/1/20


SAWS’ Conservation Department shall develop seasonal landscape packages, the first two (2) of which are included with this CALL DOCUMENT.  These packages generally consist of descriptions of acceptable materials to be purchased from participating vendors or contractors to replace a specified square feet of turf.  As specified per seasonal package, SAWS shall make available funds in the form of a coupon to qualifying customers.  Participating vendors or contracts shall accept the “Coupon” issued by SAWS as cash, and then submit all coupons on a monthly basis to SAWS for reimbursement.  The vendors or contractors shall furnish a detailed copy of the sales receipt for every coupon they submit on a thirty-day billing cycle.  

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Sep. 4, 2018
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